Town Hall
6121 Burlington Road
P.O. Box C
Sedalia, NC  27342
(336) 449-1132
Mon - Fri; 8am - 12pm

News and Notices

Yard Beautification Contest Judging April 26-27

Spring Litter Sweep -May 3
Dumpster available at the town hall (no paint, chemicals or electronics allowed)

Founder's Day Celebration
August 16

Sedalia T-shirts for Sale
   $10 each


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Welcome to the Town of Sedalia
  "Sedalia, Our Heritage, Our Roots, Our Future"

Sedalia is a quaint, proud community that is located in the piedmont of North Carolina, near the eastern side of Guilford County and consists of approximately 668 residents.

Sedalia’s rich heritage is our focus, and we have remained a community with historic homes and buildings. Our town is small, quiet, and is a wonderful place to call home. The residents of Sedalia continue to remember our heritage and our roots, as we eagerly look forward to a great future.

NCDOT will arrange for the removal of any debris that citizens may bring to the right of way from their property. Please make sure that it's brought to the road right of way prior to April 1st

Winter Storm Recovery Information

Hwy 70 Widening/Bypass Map
Click the link above to view the Map

Stormwater & Runoff Pollution

Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Get Involved with Community Watch!

2014 Meeting Schedule
(officially adopted on Dec. 2, 2013)